About this course

The Sunny Quilt video course teaches you how to foundation piece and work with curves in this modern meets traditional block-based design.

In this course, Tara takes you step-by-step as you learn how to create you own reusable foundation templates, sew curves & square up blocks to make perfect arcs that fit together with ease!

If you are new to foundation paper piecing or hate tearing out papers, you will love Tara's reusable foundation method that eliminate the tearing of papers when each block is finished!

What's inside the course?

What's in the Course?

This pattern gives you the freedom to experiment with colors and placement, allowing each quilter to create a personalized look. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant designs or more understated styles, the Sunny Quilt can be tailored to fit your taste.

  • This course takes you along step-by-step as Tara sews up a complete throw sized quilt. Sew along as she takes you on an exploration into color and value using a repeated quilt block.

  • Tips and tricks to help you at every step of the quilt.

  • Rewatch the videos as often as you like!

  • A PDF copy of the pattern is included, so you'll always have access to print it out if you misplace the pattern.

Your next favorite quilt awaits!

Course curriculum

    1. Course Info and Pattern Download

    2. Introduction

    1. Preparing Foundations

    2. Cutting Fabric

    3. Sewing the Arcs

    4. Sewing the Blocks

    1. The Final Stitch

Course Stats

  • $35.00
  • 7 lessons